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AHA! – You will not be able to suppress this exclamation if you look at yourself in the mirror after regular use of our AHA night cream. The AHAs, or more precisely alpha-hydroxy acids, include lactic and almond acid in addition to various fruit acids. Their effect in skin care is similar to that of an enzymatic peeling, in that dead skin flakes, which could lead to blocked pores, impurities and a tired skin appearance, are gently dissolved without mechanical irritation. The skin processes are supported and the skin appears fresher. To ensure that the skin care is not neglected, the cream contains almond oil, which is (rightly) popular in skin care. The soft-melting texture is quickly absorbed and leaves behind a velvety feeling on the skin as well as a pleasant, subtle fragrance. AHA night cream is available in an environmentally friendly refill. You can purchase the matching universal jar separately.
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How to use: the AHA night cream can either be used as a cure over several weeks or on a long-term basis 2 to 3 times a week instead of the usual night care directly after cleansing. Other care products such as serums should not be combined with the AHA night cream, but should be used in the morning instead. On the day after application, special attention should be paid to sufficient sun protection.
Skin type: tired looking, uneven skin